Let’s cover… Weezer

Some days you just need to crank some Weezer and think about the 90s. Here are some groups that have not only cranked the Weezer, but put together their own version of some choice tracks.

Foster the People – Say It Ain’t So

Weezer covered Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People covered Say It Ain’t So. I appreciate the musical kinsmanship this demonstrates. And Foster the People don’t do a bad job of it.

 This guy – Island in the Sun

Can’t not have a multi-track video in one of these posts, hey? And other than how annoying I think the cut and composition of this video is, I respect this guy’s musicality. Especially the bit where he’s shaking a plastic bag full of coins. It lacks soul, but he’s wearing a hat, so…

Hanson – Troublemaker

Okay, give it a chance. Hanson were big in the 90s for stringing together some interesting semi-scat with poppy guitar riffs and flowing blonde locks. People may argue they lack musically credibility. Their version of Troublemaker is not ground-breaking. They do not improve the song. They do not rival the original. They do, however, perform it well.


Tugboat – El Scorcho

I literally found no live cover of El Scorcho I liked/respected, but I can’t have a Weezer-based post and not have any El Scorcho. This, therefore, is like a bonus track for those of you who dig 8-bit remixes. I dig this 8-bit remix.



Under the Westway by Blur! This is Damon and Graham playing together YESTERDAY. Beautiful song, but I’m just thrilled to see some hint that there will be more new Blur to come.

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This came up on shuffle just before, and I remembered how much I like it. It also has pretty positive associations for me. Watch it and enjoy it.

Little Talks

Wasting time messing around on Youtube, then found this. Time well spent, me thinks.

Love to your mothers

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OK Go Chevy Sonic

New OK Go video! This is unlisted (at the time of me posting this, obviously), so you’re welcome!

Gosh darn I love these boys.

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Touring the Galaxy


Asteroids Galaxy Tour is one of several bands I found by watching old episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. They have some brilliant retro-sounding tracks on their last album (and they released a new single last month) but this cover caught my eye and then made me dance.

Pancake Day

This song has the full endorsement of my mother. That’s a big deal.

Shadow People

I’m late again. I like to think that by discovering music at my own pace, I’m really setting myself apart as being individual or something.

But I’m loving Dr Dog right now, and their album Shame, Shame is amazing.

Shirt Removal

Owen Pallett is a genius with a violin and a loop pedal. He’s angelic. His cover of Caribou’s Odessa is well worth a listen too.

Let’s cover… Gorillaz

Possibly my longest running musical obsession, Gorillaz has been with me since I was a slip of a girl. I loved everything about them, and they led me to my phase of fanatically collecting Blur records. This band has such a powerful story, developing musically and visually throughout their fourteen years. Being a true fan, I’ve found one cover per Phase, Phases being the ‘chapters’ of Gorillaz’s existence.

Phase 1 – Celebrity Takedown

Beatnik Fandango – 19-2000

These guys are serial cover-doers, and they’re good at it.

Phase 2 – Slowboat to Hades

Josie Charlwood – Feel Good Inc.

This girl is too talented for her own good. And ginger.

Phase 3 – Escape to Plastic Beach

SLIDE – Melancholy Hill

This, I’m not going to lie, is mostly good because of the Polish accents, but also because they’ve done the whole multitrack video thing in a slightly different way.

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